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Welcome, Users! we tend to area unit progressing to update here All the Teer Result nowadays VIZ Khanapara Teer Result, Shillong Teer Result, Manipur Teer Result, Juwai Teer Result, (Ghy) Guwahati Teer Result etc. we tend to conjointly place the main target on Assam Teer, Tir/Teer Counters, daily Teer Common Numbers of Khanapara and Shillong Common Number here. It doesn’t mean that we’ll not offer alternative|the opposite} Common Numbers you’ll get all other Teer Targets in our completely different pages. Please, follow our top menu for any Teer Rijal Guwahati, Shillong, Juwai etc!

Juwai Teer Result 01-04-2019

Date F/R (3:50PM) S/R (4:25PM)
01-04-2019 81 21


Khanapara Teer Result Today 01-04-2019

Date F/R (3:45PM) S/R (4:15PM)
01-04-2019 82 24
28-03-2019 44 37
27-03-2019 22 58
26-03-2019 35 17
25-03-2019 37 08
23-03-2019 89 51
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Shillong Teer Result Today 01-04-2019

Date F/R (3:45PM) S/R (4:45PM)
01-04-2019 30 90
28-03-2019 77 78
27-03-2019 62 43
26-03-2019 99 28
25-03-2019 87 66
23-03-2019 16 85
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Khanapara Common Number/ Target Today

Direct House Ending
67,33 1 1
55,02 4 9
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Shillong Teer Common Numbers

1st April-2019
Direct House Ending
24,20 8 4
21,80 1 5
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Juwai Common Numbers

 Juwai 1st-April-2019
Direct House Ending
28,81 2 3
95,31 8 9
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Assam And Shillong Teer Results

Teer Old Result : shillong teer result

Shillongteer:Along with teer common numbers there’s a vital materials to crack the teer game, we have a tendency to mean to mention teer previous results. For that we tend to conjointly created many pages accrding to region. however Its dangerous to travel through each previous results. thus we tend to tried to thus some totally different. We created a Teer Old Result a dynamic previous all teer result lists.

Shillong Teer Result Updates

Khanapara Teer result : Shillong Teer

This is actually name of a game played by Various Clubs. This game (Khana para Teer) is compete daily except Sunday and a few days because of some national holidays it remains closed otherwise Teer Users play daily this game. They play this game reckoning on a number of the numbers ranges between 1 to 99. it’s terribly helpful for that form of players who had learned the simplest technique for taking part in this game simply by payment a 100 rupees they earn 800-900 rupees. That is fine for one-day financial gain. thus we are going to say it’s mammoth if you play once or double per week. And we are there if you play this game we publish daily Assam and Shillong Teer Result Here for free. Simillary Juwai Teer and Shillong Night Teer are also played by the Teer Users

Teer Common Numbers : Shillong Teer

We refer Teer Common number as main weapon of any teer result game. Basically Users have various favourite teer terms for Common Numbers some may use Assam Target Today/Teer Hitt Number Shillong Hit Number Today or Else, But this all search terms mean the keyword Common Number. We are uploading Teer target for Juwai Khanapara and Shillong in the above section. You may check this fast growing website for

Teer Dream Number : Shillong Teer

So with common number, Dream number also plays crucial role in Today Teer Game Result. Teer Dream Numbers are the magic Numbers which we saw in our last night. It really comes true, Yes it is the best magical technique teer users follow for their Teer Target Today

Daily Teer Results Shillong Teer

Actually There is no Teer Khela or Game in the name of Teer Game Assam . So still we know Khanapara Teer Khela as Assam Teer/Tir. Terms such as Assam Tir Result, Teer Assam Common Number, Old Result assam, Teer of Assam are basically used for searching Khanapara teer result in the Internet. Users must Check Wikipedia Shillong Data

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