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Juwai Teer Result

Date F/R (3:50PM) S/R (4:25PM)
07-03-2019 83 82

Khanapara Teer Result Today

Date F/R (3:45PM) S/R (4:15PM)
07-03-2019 66 85
06-03-2019 97 55
05-03-2019 48 86
04-03-2019 22 32
02-03-2019 98 37
01-03-2019 90 94
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Shillong Teer Result Today

Date F/R (3:45PM) S/R (4:45PM)
07-03-2019 49 56
06-03-2019 49 71
05-03-2019 01 78
04-03-2019 86 56
02-03-2019 89 66
01-03-2019 38 72
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Khanapara Common Number/ Target Today [updated everyday @ 11 A.M]:

Direct House Ending
87,92 8 7
73,28 7 9
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Shillong Teer Common Numbers [updated everyday @ 11 A.M]:

Direct House Ending
17,76 8 2
10,61 7 5
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Juwai Common Numbers [updated everyday @ 11 A.M]:

Direct House Ending
33,34 3 2
67,66 4 0
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About Assam Teer Results Assam Teer

Assam Teer Results

Teer Old Result : Assam Tir

Assamteer:Along with teer common numbers there is a important materials to crack the teer game, we mean to say teer previous results. For that we also created several pages accrding to region. But Its not easy to go through every previous results. So we tried to so some different. We created a Teer Old Result Search Bar, With which you can get old result of any day.

Shillong Teer Result Updates

Guwahati Teer result : Assam Teer

This is actually name of a game played by Various Clubs. This game (Khana para Teer) is played daily except Sunday and some days due to some national holidays it remains closed otherwise Teer Users play daily this game. They play this game betting on some of the numbers range between 1 to 99. It is very useful for that type of players who had learnt the best technique for playing this game just by spending 100 rupees they earn 800-900 rupees. Thats fine for one day income. So we will say it is not bad if you play once or twice in a week. And we are there if you play this game we publish daily GuwahatiTeer com Result Here for free. Simillary Shillong Teer and Manipur Teer are also played by Teer Users

Assam Teer Common Numbers : Assam Teer

We refer Teer Common number as backbone of any teer result game. Basically Users have different term for Common Number some may use Assam Target Today or Else, But this all search terms coincide with the keyword Common Number. We provided Teer target for Khanapara and Shillong in the above section. It is not the end we also provided Manipur and Juwai teer Target. in our other pages. You may check this fast growing website for daily khanaparateer results live

Teer News : Assam Teer Results Teer Result Assam – Teer News is changed to this site. So uers without any hesitation may browse this site and get results and Common Number from this site. Thanks forgiving Love to our site!

Teer Dream Number : Assam Teer

So with common number, Dream number also plays crucial role in Today Teer Game Result. So what is Teer Dream Number it is nothing but our previous night dream we saw. Is it comes true? Yes offcourse it is the best technique teer players follow for their Teer Target Today

Daily Tir Results AssamTeer

Actually There is no game in the name of Teer Game Assam . So still we know Khanapara Teer Khela as Assam Teer/Tir. Terms such as Assam Tir Result, Teer Assam Common Number, Old Result assam, Teer of Assam are basically used for searching Khanapara teer result in Internet. We also created a Teer Game Assam Fan Page Here you may follow us for Latest Teer News Updates. Must Check Wikipedia Shillong Data

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